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Seeing the world better

Seeing the world better with Essilor

Filipinos can now see the world in a better light as Essilor, the world leader in ophthalmic lenses, launched a public awareness campaign to promote healthy vision, featuring brand ambassador Piolo Pascual. Called ‘Seeing the World Better’, this campaign was organized in response to reports that over 20 million Filipinos are in need of vision correction.

According to Essilor general manager, Dr. Emelita Roleda. “The alarming condition of the state of eye health in the country gears Essilor to help raise awareness on the importance of good vision. Through ‘Seeing the World Better’, we can make everyone act upon protecting and valuing their eyes.”

Beaming with pride to represent the brand that believes in the same advocacy as he has, Essilor brand ambassador and health and fitness advocate, Piolo Pascual. Guests were delighted to have a sneak peek of the eye check up session and were surprised to learn that Piolo Pascual has perfect 20/20 vision.

In line with the campaign launch, Essilor also unveiled its latest TV commercial that shows Piolo Pascual performing various activities – swimming, reading, driving – and how good vision helps him accomplish these tasks effectively. The TVC will air on primetime slots on select cable channels nationwide.

Through Seeing the World Better campaign, Essilor hopes to improve the lives of every Filipino by helping them see the world with healthy vision.