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Regular Eye Check Up

Essilor Philippines promotes regular eye check up

Close to 3,000 have been screened and educated during the Think About Your Eyes campaign of Essilor Philippines. The world’s ophthalmic lens company launched its Think about Your Eyes campaign late in 2013 in Manila to help raise awareness on importance of proper eyecare and getting a regular eye check up. Sharing its corporate mission “seeing the world better” Essilor tap employees from different companies and conduct free vision screening and seminar on proper eyecare.

“Poor vision has a strong impact on employment, job satisfaction, productivity and well-being. If there is a problem with the person’s vision, then they will not be able to perform their job as much as they should; the consequences include lower literacy levels, make simple tasks more difficult and employees’ chances of enjoying work, said its General Manager, Dr Emelita Roleda.”

“Providing good vision for employees make economic sense. It results in increased work efficiency and happier more comfortable employees. It is a win-win proposition for our partner companies to provide eye care for their employees, added Roleda.”

Essilor’s Think about Your Eyes program aim to increase awareness on importance of having a good vision in the workplace and promoting regular eye check up.

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