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Crizal Eyezen Launch

New Crizal Eyezen for a connected life.


Essilor, the global leader in ophthalmic lenses, recently launched Crizal Eyezen, a new range of lenses designed to protect your eyes while you connect to the digital world.

Crizal Eyezen™ features three revolutionary technologies: Eyezen Focus Technology to help relieve the eye’s focus when using digital devices and reduce eye strain in ultra-near distances or for reading small characters; Light Scan™ Technology to protect eyes from the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens; and W.A.V.E Technology for sharper and clearer vision at every distance and under any kind of lighting.

Present at the launch were Essilor Philippines General Manager Dr. Emelita Roleda (rightmost) with (L-R) Essilor Asia Pacific Product Manager Isabelle Abrieux; Essilor Asia Pacific, Russia and Africa Director for Education and Professional Services Dr. Colin Madigan; Essilor Philippines General Manager for Commercial Dr. Kyle Galias and Marketing Manager Jinky Navo.

Visit our Crizal Eyezen page for more information.